Intranet and extranet

The extranet make available some of the information of the intranet to people not directly connected to the intranet. Intranet is an internal network. It is used by companies to connect their computers on a network.

Intranet and extranet

Uses[ edit ] Increasingly, intranets are being used to deliver tools, e. Intranets are also being used as corporate culture-change platforms. For example, large numbers of employees Intranet and extranet key issues in an Intranet and extranet forum application could lead to new ideas in management, productivity, quality, and other corporate issues.

In large intranets, website traffic is often similar to public website traffic and can be better understood by using web metrics software to track overall activity. User surveys also improve intranet website effectiveness. Larger businesses allow users within their intranet to access public internet through firewall servers.

They have the ability to screen messages coming and going, keeping security intact. When part of an intranet is made accessible to customers and others outside the business, it becomes part of an extranet.

Intranet user-experience, editorial, and technology teams work together to produce in-house sites. Most commonly, intranets are managed by the communications, HR or CIO departments of large organizations, or some combination of these. Because of the scope and variety of content and the number of system interfaces, intranets of many organizations are much more complex than their respective public websites.

Intranets and their use are growing rapidly. According to the Intranet design annual from Nielsen Norman Groupthe number of pages on participants' intranets averagedover the years to and has grown to an average of 6 million pages over — Intranets can help users to locate and view information faster and use applications relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

It also helps to improve the services provided to the users. Intranets allow organizations to distribute information to employees on an as-needed basis; Employees may link to relevant information at their convenience, rather than being distracted indiscriminately by email.

Intranet and extranet

Intranets can serve as powerful tools for communication within an organization, vertically strategic initiatives that have a global reach throughout the organization. The type of information that can easily be conveyed is the purpose of the initiative and what the initiative is aiming to achieve, who is driving the initiative, results achieved to date, and who to speak to for more information.

By providing this information on the intranet, staff have the opportunity to keep up-to-date with the strategic focus of the organization. A great real-world example of where an intranet helped a company communicate is when Nestle had a number of food processing plants in Scandinavia.

Intranets VS Extranets - What's the difference?

Their central support system had to deal with a number of queries every day. McGovern says the savings from the reduction in query calls was substantially greater than the investment in the intranet.

Web publishing allows cumbersome corporate knowledge to be maintained and easily accessed throughout the company using hypermedia and Web technologies. Because each business unit can update the online copy of a document, the most recent version is usually available to employees using the intranet.

Business operations and management: Intranets are also being used as a platform for developing and deploying applications to support business operations and decisions across the internetworked enterprise.

Users can view information and data via web-browser rather than maintaining physical documents such as procedure manuals, internal phone list and requisition forms. This can potentially save the business money on printing, duplicating documents, and the environment as well as document maintenance overhead.

Another company that saved money on expense reports was Cisco. Information is easily accessible by all authorised users, which enables teamwork. Built for one audience: Many companies dictate computer specifications which, in turn, may allow Intranet developers to write applications that only have to work on one browser no cross-browser compatibility issues.

Being able to specifically address your "viewer" is a great advantage. Promote common corporate culture: Every user has the ability to view the same information within the Intranet.

When dealing with the public in any capacity, laws, specifications, and parameters can change. Intranets make it possible to provide your audience with "live" changes so they are kept up-to-date, which can limit a company's liability.

Since "involvement in decision making" is one of the main drivers of employee engagement [11]offering tools like forums or surveys that foster peer-to-peer collaboration and employee participation can make employees feel more valued and involved.An extranet provides a place for your business and third parties to work together and share information in a secure environment, which sits outside of your intranet – meaning that external partners will not have access to confidential internal matters.

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For security reasons, please Log Out and Exit your web browser when you are done accessing services that require authentication! If intranet is derivate from the internet then extranet is derivate from the intranet.

The Internet works as a channel of communication and collaboration in the internal environment of an organisation only while extranet work as a channel of communication and collaboration in both internal and external environment of an organisation. Three Rivers Community College New London Turnpike, Norwich, CT | () Contact the webmaster..

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Difference between Intranet and Extranet Tweet Key difference: The main difference between an intranet and an extranet is that the intranet is the network that is limited for use on the organizations computers, whereas the extranet is an extension of the company’s intranet.

Extranet Internet and an intranet are not always separate and clear cut, and anything that is a blend of the two is considered an extranet. An extranet is a private intranet (or local network) that is connected to the Internet, but only allows access to certain information or access by certain groups of people.

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