Anne hutchinson the great and sore affliction

Baptised 20 July - August Massacre The Hutchinsons were unfortunate in the timing of their settlement in this area, and soon became victims of the local unrest. The Dutch governor, Willem Kieft, had aroused the ire of the natives with his inhumanity and treachery.

Anne hutchinson the great and sore affliction

The body was brought to Uniontown last night and removed to the Kaine home. Kaine married Miss Elizabeth Hopwood, youngest daughter of Mr. In addition to his widow, he is survived by one child, his mother and two sisters, Mrs. Raymond Green and Mrs. Robert Keith Neilson, the latter of Philadelphia.

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Anne hutchinson the great and sore affliction

Kaine had been in poor health for some time, his death was not generally expected and the news of it came as a shock to his many friends throughout the county. Kaine was born May 25,and took his preparatory course at Bethany, W. He read law under the preceptorship of George W.

Subsequently, he was admitted to practice in the Allegheny county courts and in the State and Federal courts. In politics he was a Democrat, but was never elected for office. He was married in October,to Patti A.

For many years, Mr. Kaine had been a member of the body, yet he was not an active practice. The interment will be in the Oak Grove Cemetery. The services will be conducted by Dr.

Lloyd, rector of the Episcopal Church. May friends of the family are here from a distance. Kaine is the only member of the family now left.

For three days he suffered greatly and was part of the time confined to his room. Monday night friends stayed with him, at intervals he took irrational spells. The next morning the doctor called at 8 o'clock and found him alone, but no worse than the night before.

When the doctor left, he advised the hotel proprietor to keep a watch on the patient and said he would return soon. The doctor called again at 9: No one was with him when he died, his brother, Charles, having gone to Markleysburg and George B.

Both were immediately called home. Lyman was the youngest son of the late Daniel Kaine and was 32 years old. He has lived in Uniontown all of his life except for a year or two spent doing newspaper work in Pittsburgh and New York. In the latter place he was connected with "Daily American" the Tammany newspaper until it ceased to exist.

Funeral this afternoon at 2: Kaine, in the 13th year of her age. The deceased was an only daughter, dearly beloved by her relatives and companions, and highly esteemed by all who knew her. She was amiable, intelligent and cheerful: Great indeed is her loss to that home of which she was the light, and to that circle of which she was the life.

The sufferings of a protracted and painful illness, she bore with a fortitude unusual in one of her years. To her Death was not the King of Terrors. She approached eternity's threshold, not with dread and trembling, but like one who " draws the drapery of his couch around him and lies down to pleasant dreams.

Patti Gilmore Kaine, widow of George B. Kaine, died Sunday afternoon at 6: Bliss, of West Main street.THE WAUPACA COUNTY POST. July 26, Guyants’ Lives Center on the History of the Waupaca Area. By Loren F. Sperry Wayne Guyant and his wife, Alta, share their home in Waupaca’s Chain O’ Lakes area with cats, birds and books.

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On March 22, Anne Hutchinson, perhaps the first widely followed spokesperson for religious freedom in what was to become the United States, was banned from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Hutchinson, the daughter of an English minister, was well versed in the Bible and was a follower of the popular preacher, John Cotton.

Anne Marbury Hutchinson: This Great and Sore Affliction Willard Sterne Randall and Nancy Nahra In the following selection, Willard Sterne Randall and Nancy Nahra examine one of the major religious. As the story was later recounted in Boston, one of the Hutchinson's daughters, "seeking to escape," was caught "as she was getting over a hedge, and they drew her back again by the hair of the head to the stump of a tree, and there cut off her head with a hatchet.

Albena Kaider KACMAR () Albena Kacmar, 94, of Uniontown, Fayette County, Pa., passed away peacefully on Wednesday, November 1, , in the Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Retirement Center, Boardman, Ohio, where she made her home for the past two years.

Anne hutchinson the great and sore affliction
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